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RawCat and Miss BunPun from the FLINTA* label „Beatzarilla“ turn up the heat! The two musicians from Vienna are showing their rap, singing and beatbox skills and bringing sweat to every dance floor!

BOOM! Here cums the pussy gang!

Miss BunPun combines hip hop beats with unique R’n’B vocals and cheeky rap lyrics in English. Heads are nodding and the walls in the club are v-v-vibrating as she serves her beats and flows.
Empowerment. Intersectional Feminism. Queerness. Body neutrality. Massively dope beats. Miss BunPun.

RawCat is a rapper, beatboxer and loop station artist. Her queer feminist lyrics in German are mashing up with banging beats embracing pussy power: breaking taboos and openly addressing and celebrating female sexuality!

Grab ya pussy, it’s getting hot!

On stage RawCat & Miss BunPun are a bombastic team in iconic outfits! They spread good vibes and make the booties shake!

„These are queer-feminist statements without all the swank and snot, but with no less self-confidence.“

(Lisa Schneider, Radio FM4)

Booking variants

A) RawCat + Miss BunPun + DJ

B) RawCat + Miss BunPun + DJ + Dance Show

C) RawCat + Miss BunPun + Live Band

D) RawCat + Miss BunPun + Live Band + Dance Show


+43 677 61797066